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Welcome to the official website of Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality

১লা জুন ২০২২ থেকে ৭৫ মিক্রণের নীচে কোনো প্লাস্টিক ক্যারি ব্যাগ ব্যবহার করা যাবে না। এই নির্দেশ অমান্য করলে ক্যারি ব্যাগ বিক্রেতাকে ৫০০ টাকা এবং ক্যারি ব্যাগ ব্যবহারকারীকে ৫০ টাকা জরিমানা ধার্য করা হবে।

Initiation of the Thought

With the advancement of time, when we look back into the history of India, we find that in the year 1857 , an uprising spread across India but did not succeed due to lack of proper vision, disunity among revolutionaries and justified directions from the leadership. However, inspite of that, the prevailing situation brought about by the uprising, shivered the heart of British authority and forced them to think over the situation again. Finally, the British Parliament took over the charges from East India Company by “Victoria Charter”, to rule over India.
This resulted in a sea change in administration all over India. Naturally, 24 Parganas was also a part of this change. The authority then decided to establish some self governing bodies to ensure better services. During the year 1869,”South Subarban Municipality” was set up, that comprised of Behala and extended up to the extreme southern part of South 24 Parganas. Sri Roy Bahadur Ambika Charan Ray became the first chairman of the newly formed Municipality to look after the Southern part of district that included villages like Harinavi,Malancha,Chanripota etc.