NULM Project
Name of the Department: NULM
Councilor-in- Charge: Sri Amitabha Chowdhury Contact no.: 9804465921


Service provided:

  1. Formation of TCG & UWSP
  2. Vocational Training
  3. USEP Bank Loans
  4. IGNOAPS & NFBS and Other Social Assistance Programmes

How to get the service:

Procedure to get the above services:

  1. For all the services under SJSRY department, beneficiary must belong to BPL family
  2. Information regarding new programmes is circulated to local Councillors.
  3. Further information at beneficiary level is being circulated by Councillors to their respective wards.
  4. The beneficiaries will have to collect forms from C.O (Community Organiser) of the concerned local office.
  5. The application forms have to be submitted to local Councilor.
  6. Approved applications are forwarded by local Councillors to the department.

Whom to contact & where:

Community Organizer
Concerned Local Office

Time required:

As per the project requirement

In problem whom to contact & where:

Community Organizer,
Concerned Local Office